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Why do you want to build a home rather than move into an existing one?

How would you describe the 'personality' of your dream home?

Describe the number, ages and individual needs of children you have living with you.

Is there anyone that is elderly or with special needs that will be living with you or be visiting you often? 

Do you have pets? If so, should their needs be incorporated into the house plan?

Does anyone in your home have allergies or breathing issues?

Which rooms will be used most for entertaining?

In which rooms do you prefer to relax on the weekends?
Are you a chef, a cook, or do you prefer takeout?

How many bedrooms do you need?

Are Jack and Jill bathrooms desirable for secondary bedrooms?

Do you need a formal office or 'command central' area?

Do you prefer an open floor plan or do you prefer more walls for furniture?

Describe your storage needs and your preferences on where storage areas should be.

How many garage bays do you require? And, do you need additional storage or work space in the garage?

Do you have hobbies that require space or special needs in your home?

What is your favorite material for the exterior of a home?

Are design concepts for 'Aging In Place' important to you?

Do you spend much of your free time enjoying the outdoors?

Do you have art that requires special lighting, niches or other considerations?

Do you want fireplaces in your dream home and where? Are fireplaces that look authentic important to you? Do you prefer a wood burning fireplace or gas logs?

What is the most important feature of the lot or land on which you are building?

Are there any issues with the building site that need special planning?

Will you have a finished basement or woodland level? If so, what rooms will you use there?

For the same amount of dollars spent, space and quality are tradeoffs. What is the most important to you?

Do you presently use the tub in your master suite?

Is Green Building something you would like to learn more about or implement in your new home?

Do you like a lot of windows throughout the house or only in specific areas?

Have you heard of geothermal? Are you interested in learning more?

Is watching television important to you? In which rooms to do watch the most?

Do you listen to music throughout your home?

If I could design and build the perfect house, it would be.

How important are one-of-a-kind features in your home?

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